Hydrovac Excavations

Cairns Hydrovacs is the HYDROVAC EXCAVATION division of ADK. Hydro Blast Vacuum Excavation is a non-mechanical, non-destructive trench method to remove dirt without the risk of damaging existing underground services. ADK has been providing CAIRNS HYDROVACS since 2006. 

Our friendly staff coordinate a fleet of sucker trucks to provide multiple solutions to your construction needs including; underground service locating of electrical, communication, water, sewer and gas lines; physical identifications of existing pipes and live services by potholing; trenching confined spaces or in extremely close proximity to live existing systems. We also excavate light pole footings; remove silt build up in sediment traps; dewater pits or manholes and clean gross pollutant traps or sediment bays.

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You can see some of our previous hydrovac excavation work here on our Youtube Channel